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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 24, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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walker. wisconsin's governor. >> dave: what a weekend it has been, stay tuned for the latest in all of the debt talks, to fox news, all day, thanks, jewel yet. >> after t"after the show" show. starts right now. >> jamie: good morning, we begin weather a "fox news alert." because, we're getting new in sight into the mind of the man that is accused now of killing at least 93 people, in a bomb attack and a shooting spree in norway, this morning, there are hundreds attending a memorial service for the victims at the oslo cathedral, among those paying tribute they're prime minister and his royal family. good to have you with us, jamie colby, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> eric: i'm eric sean, 32-year-old andres behring brevik has confessed to carrying out the horrible and unimaginable attacks, and, he has confirmed that he wrote a diary, detailing his preparation
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with this. and was motivated by bringing a revolution to the norway society. we are joined from norway. >> reporter: eric, actually we're at a hospital outside of the island and many top of the victims were taken here and the hospital had an important visitor today and we were there to talk to some of the survivors, in oslo, this morning, a mass of grief and hope and they are not going it a grieving ceremony, they are calling it service of hope, and it will be a while before they see hope in nor wait. this morning, here in the -- in nor way, this morning the crown prince visited some of the survivors and we spoke to one, a man shot in sthoerthe shoulder told us an amazing story of a ten-year-old boy, whose father
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was shot and he stood up to the killer. >> he said, leave us alone, go away, we have had enough now and, i'm too young to die. he was so strong, and the words he said, he was so brave, and, amazing. and, standing up to the man and saying like that and, he did, he left. >> reporter: in other news, this morning people are now pouring over every, single word of a very long manifesto, called a declaration for the independence of europe, among other things, people say it shows a lot of similarities to what we saw in the united states, with the -- unabomber. but, what he considered a loss of national identity, and, a lot of questions have come up about whether or not there was another shooter and police left open the possibility and today there was
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a raid on a house and a few hours later, let them go, saying they had nothing to do with the massacre. guys? >> eric: unspeakable and beyond comprehension. greg burke live in norway. >> jamie: and you know, norwegian police have a lot to sort through, a 1500 page manifesto from the suspect but a 12 minute long video they believe andres behring brevik posted on youtube and it includes various warnings against muslim integration into europe and, the clip also promises revenge on those who betrayed europe. and it includes several still pictures of brevik, including one of him dressed in a wet suit, holding an automatic weapon. absolutely killing. >> eric: a mass shooting in our country, bloodshed at a child's birthday party as the shooter opened fire at a rolling rink and six people were killed in concluding the gunmen, 4 others were wounded and, police say it stemmed from a family argument.
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one witness says the shooter was the father of the 11-year-old birthday boy. and party-goers were terrified and spilled out of the rink in panic and, many with the skates still strapped to their feet. >> i was informed it was a private birthday party and people were here to celebrate and there was an argument that began, and, then, during the course of that argument, the person who did the shooting had a weapon and pulled it out and started shooting. >> eric: police say none of the victims were the children at the birthday party and the gunman apparently shot himself. >> chris: and this "fox news alert" this morning, crunch time in washington over the debt limit talks. congressional leaders are set to hold meetings this morning, and are racing to strike a deal, before the overseas stock markets open 7 hours from now. house speaker john boehner stepping up the pressure, saying he wants at least an outline of an agreement, in place, one hour
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before that at 4:00 p.m. eastern, and, is it possible to reach a deal and avoid a market melt down? here now, byron york, chief political correspondent, for the washington examiner afox news contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> jamie: that is sdhethe conce here and around the world. how would you define how much time is left. >> first of all, the deadline is allegedly august 2nd but a lot of people on capitol hill believe the markets are watching what is happening now and a standard and poors analyst spoke to neil cavuto on fox yesterday who said that the real concern is the trajectory of the u.s. debt and that the debt ceiling could actually be raised and the u.s. could still be downgraded. so, john boehner wants to show the markets that there is a deal in the works with plenty of time to be passed before the august 2nd deadline.
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>> jamie: let's talk about strategy and politics. both sides have differing views about what they want in terms of tax rev view and spending cuts. how do they come to the table and make a deal that basically gives the base what they want and also makes the american people satisfied that we're not going to default and we're not going to revisit this months for a year from now. >> you can gets the first of those but not the second. they can avoid default with a shorter-term deal. but, probably not with a longer-term deal. and even before the blow-up on friday, the house republicans were at work on a two-part plan which they'll turn into an actual bill by today, plan to boast on the internet tomorrow and the rules committee considered it on tuesday and we go to the house floor on wednesday. and, it is a two-part plan and would have shorter-term increase in the debt ceiling, combined
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with spending cuts. and, then a longer-term increase, combined with a revenue increase. and, the -- we heard today, this morning, both from secretary geithner and john boehner that it may be possible that the so-called grand bargain is still alive and i think most people believe that, if something gets through now, it will be a short-term deal, done by congress, and not really by the president. >> jamie: interesting. how would you describe to people, who are following this, at home, what the impacts is on them, at this point? watching the lawmakers, at work, and, also, potentially, down the road, even if a deal is made. it probably will not be that grand bargain deal. that we had heard so much about. >> well, most people believe that a... a real solution to the problem awaits the next election and if the president wins re-election, he is in control of one house of congress and maybe another house of congress he can move in one direction and, if
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the republicans win and win control of congress they can move in another and i think most political observers here believe that this is a fund rental disagreement between the parties that will not be solved until the next election. >> jamie: and, the president made very clear that he wants a debt deal that carries through the elections, next year. what is your interpretation of that? is that reality, or is he just trying to get it taken care of, so he doesn't have to revisit it as he pushes forward on a re-election campaign. >> i think you have that right there. this is not going to play. both sides have fundamental weakness, republicans tried to leverage raising the debt ceiling, in exchange for big, big spending cuts. but, the white house knew that a lot of republicans including speaker john boehner thought it would be irresponsible to not -- raise the debt ceiling and go past the limited and on the other hand, the white house is insisting on a long term deal to get it passed the election, and, republicans know that they
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cannot reject a deal too, voy default now, just so they can get it passed the election and if there is an actual deal that is -- for 6 months the white house will have to accept it. so, both sides have these weakness in their bargaining positions. >> jamie: byron york of the washington examiner, i know you wrote a great piece on this yesterday and we'll follow your commentary how things are going in washington. thanks for weighing in, today. >> thank you, jamie. >> eric: right now it is ten at night in hong kong and 11:00 at night in tokyo and, in hours when the traders wake up and go to work, what will happen? all eyes are anticipating what could happen when trading beginnings in the asian markets, anxiety of a possible massive sell off is running off, congressional leaders now are scrambling to force the deal before the overseas markets and here in mark, wall street starts a new work, we in less than 24 hours, how could the markets here and around the globe react
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if they fail to come up with an agreement, brenda buttner, anchor of bulls and bears, 6:00 p.m. eastern, brenda, only hours before the asian markets only. what do you expect? >> the real fear here is that there may be a sell off. i would not say anything close to a crash but the truth is, the deal is, that all of this activity, that has been going on terms of the debt deal and breaking down and all of that, happened after the markets closed on friday. so, this is going to be our very first chance to see what wall street -- asian traders feel, now when the markets opened in tokyo at 8:00 p.m., there are u.s. stocks that trade there. and, that could have an impact. the main fear is not so much the debt ceiling, but the whole concept of our debt being downgraded from aaa ratings, to something less. and, s&p says there is about a 50% chance of that happening. and, what does that mean? that means, basically, when your
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credit rating goes down, you have to pay more, to get things, to get loans. and, that is essentially what will happen, to the united states. we could see college loans rates go up, we could see auto loan rates go up, and, mortgage rates go up so it could have a definite impact on us. not just, you know, finger pointing in washington, with what is going on here. >> eric: in less than ticks hours from now, speaker boehner has the deadline, what if they have a deal and reach an agreement by 4:00 p.m.? is that too late? or do you think it will put though brakes... >> no, that is not too late. wall street is definitely watching it minute by minute and the s&p futures and the nasdaq futures go hot at 6:00 p.m., tonight and wield have some sense of how trading will be, but we know that, you know, things can change overnight and i think any agreement, you know, depending on how it comes about, whether tax increases, will there be a lot of spending cuts,
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that is what washington -- wall street will be watching. from washington. so the actual devil is in the details here. but, you know, wall street has been watching this back and forth for weeks now, and last week we ended up. so it could be, i think the main thing is, it is going to be -- there will be a huge increase in volatility and we'll see lots of up days and lots of down days and lots of up and down days, with in that's correct trading hours. >> eric: certainly hope that if and when there is an agreement, that that will send the stocks soaring. hopefully that will happen. >> yes. >> eric: thanks very much. jamie. >> jamie: you have to let me know which stocks you have. if you anticipate them soaring. the cost of flying is soaring. last night, most airlines raised their ticket prices. that's right, higher fares, meant to make up for federal taxes, that expired on friday night. most of the increases were around 7.5%. the tax rates ran out when
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congress failed to pass legislation that would keep the faa running. >> eric: on the ground, rescuers in china, pull a four-year-old from the wreckage of a high speed train collision there and the death toll currently stands at 34 people, who were killed in the crash, nearly 200 other passengers were hurt and that occurred yesterday after a train lost power from a lightning strike and the bullet train slammed into the stalled train around, 2008 a derailment killed 72 passengers and injured 400 others. calling into question the chinese rail system. >> jamie: sizzling hot temperatures are easing up a bit in the northeast today. not by much, the extreme heat continuing to take its toll on many folks around the region, and when will it cool off? meteorologist maria molina is live in the fox weather center and i get a chuckle out of the fact, that it is like 88° and people say, oh, it cooled off so
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much! but that is true! >> yes, after 104° on friday, anything feels a lot better, anything in the 90s, and, fortunately, as we head into tomorrow, we are expecting a big improvement, back to normal temperatures, in the northeast, and in the lower to mid 80s, and that is going to feel like a cool down, for the region, but, again, that is back to normal, and there are other areas, that, unfortunately, will not be seek a return to normal temperatures. for the month of july and some of those areas include the southern plains where the city of dallas, texas, has scene 26 consecutive days of triple digit heat and expecting to see that yet many again as we head into today and expect the heat to continue out there, and that will be the forecast for the next week, coming up. otherwise, current heat index values across the area, only 10:14 a.m., in new york and already feels like 93° and feels like 96° in raleigh, north carolina and that is definitely, though we are seeing improvement will be a hot day and those hot temperatures will remain in place and we'll see a high in
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new york at 90°, and 98 in raleigh, north carolina and, heading westbound, hot temperatures as well, expecting 104° in dallas and 97 in kansas city and, again, that is just temperatures and you factor in the humidity, and it will feel even hotter, so, again today, we are seeing excessive heat warnings in place, across portions of the midwest, as well as along the eastern seaboard and there is also heat advisories, those are the ones shaded in yellow and those are also what we are looking at, the hot index values in the upper 90s, and the triple digits, stay safe, again, everyone and the reason why we will see a bit of a relief from the hot temperatures in the northeast and the midwest is, due to a cold front that us already moving through portions of the great lakes, early this morning, and, we did see localized flooding in the region, in the chicago area, overnight, and we are still dealing with that now, scattered showers that will be firing up throughout the day today and in the northeast, jamie and we are looking a bill letter and tomorrow, much
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improved. >> jamie: i good say to stay inside. thanks, maria. >> eric: new efforts to try to get thoughts on how to disarm north korea's nuclear programs, secretary of state hillary clinton invited north korea's vice foreign minister to the u.s., and he'll arrive in new york at the end of the week and meet with a team of diplomats with the aim of discussing ways to get this u.s. back and north korea back to the 6-nation nuclear talks. someone who is familiar with north korea and how that you think is fox news contributor and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. ambassador, good morning. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: seems like a major step, high level, senior north korean official, will actually be here. what do you expect of this? >> well, i don't frankly expect very much, given north korea's progress on the nuclear weapons program, during the past two-and-a-half years. but, it obviously leads to the
7:17 am
question why now and what do both sides see, from the u.s. perspective, secretary clinton's in particular, she sees she has about a year-and-a-half left in office and wants to see if she can have some sort of achievement on the north korean front and north korea is more difficult to read and could be that they are facing internal difficulties and think a return to the 6 party talks might relieve the pressure and we are close to the end of the kim jong-il regime and it could be china put the pressure on but whatever the reason when the meeting takes place later this week, i don't expect to see you any progress. >> eric: you negotiated with them, the under secretary of state in the bush administration for arms control. what do they like to do when you sit across the table from them and can we expect any breakthroughs? >> that goes right to the key point. now, is not going to be negotiated out of the nuclear weapons program, and these six
7:18 am
party talks have been going on almost 8 years and through the period, north korea kept the hidden nuclear weapons program going full blast, to the point where just last year they showed off a brand new facility, of uranium enrichment centrifuges that are far more sophisticated than we thought they had previously and north korea followed the classic tactic of using negotiations to buy time and legitimacy and i suspect that is what they have in mind now, by potentially reopening the 6-party talks. >> eric: talk about a classic tactic and, mrs. clinton wanting to get a deal. mr. clinton's deal, through the '90s, made a deal for oil and food and the north koreans said we will not have a nuclear program and lied. and broke it and had two nuclear tests, why should we trust them again? >> well, we shouldn't. and that is why i think that secretary clinton has fallen
7:19 am
prey to the idea that maybe as she goeses out of office, in a year-and-a-half, that she'll be able to do something that all of her predecessors were unable to do. i think this is a very false hope but the sort of attitude that now, historically has been very good at taking advantage of, they are remarkable in how they are able to prey on american negotiators to take a bad hand to turn it to north korea's advantage. >> eric: let's look at eastern, there was news the nuclear program was accelerating and someone was killing the iranian scientist and the third one was shot to death and they take a bomb and a motorcycle drives up in the car and traffic, and puts the bomb on the window where the nuclear scientist is sitting and explodes, and, he's the only guy who is killed, and who is doing it and why, and can that stop the nuclear program, do you think? >> well, i think there are a lot of potential explain nations for
7:20 am
this, one, of course, is that it is an israeli program, and, another that i think people should take seriously, is a saudi program, and there is a huge struggle going on, between sunni saudi arabia and the arab country, again, persian shia, iran, for hegemony in that part of the world and one the islamic religion. and, so the stakes are high here, and, let's be clear, saudi arabia and the other arab states, of the region, don't want iran to have nuclear weapons any more than israel does. >> eric: they are killing the iranian scientists, top north korean official will be here this week and i also want to point out they called you a, quote, very ugly fellow and a fiendish blood sucker. how do you deal with them when they say that? >> it is important when you sit down to negotiate with them you recognize they have an agenda that is different than ours. we are not trying to find a common solution to the nuclear program, they want to keep the program and extract tangible
7:21 am
economic and preliminary benefits from us and they have been successful in doing that in the past. >> eric: ambassador, who is neither ugly nor fiendish. see you next sunday. >> and the thanks. >> jamie: he may have the toughest job in washington now, speaker of the house, john boehner at the front of the heated talks with the white house over the debt ceiling and deficit and now, he says he wants an outline of a deal by 4:00 p.m. eastern. today. fox news's chris wallace has the exclusive interview with speaker boehner, and he'll tell us about it, coming up. [ p.a. announcer ] announcing america's favorite cereal is now honey nut cheerios! yup, america's favorite. so we're celebrating the honey sweetness, crunchy oats and... hey! don't forget me!! honey nut cheerios. make it your favorite too! you get nothing for driving safely.
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>> eric: america's military, mourning the loss of a retired general, described as a genuine soldier states man and extraordinary patriot. retired army general john shalikshvili, the first foreign born chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and served in the post during the clinton administration, and, he suffered complications from a stroke that occurred in 2004. >> we have a budget deficit of $1.5 trillion and we are borrowing 42 cents on every dollar we spend. and, we have a $14.5 trillion national debt, and, it is time to get serious about stopping
7:26 am
the spending here in washington, d.c. >> jamie: speaker of the house, john boehner there at the center of the debt talks underway, right now, in washington. the races is on, to reach a debt ceiling deal and the speaker wants to announcing an outline of one, at least by 4:00 p.m. eastern, today. the speaker joining fox news sunday's chris wallace for an exclusive interview, and chris is joining us, now... >> i prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve the problem, and, if that is not possible i and my republican colleagues in the house are prepared to move on our own. >> chris: today? >> today. >> jamie: joining me, for sure the anchor of fox news, chris wallace, you gave us a bonus, a two-fer and we got to hear two sound bites. >> chris: he's always more interesting than i am, jamie. >> jamie: not so much, you have been following it so closely and he's the center of it all and it is the interview to have and you got it exclusively, and give us
7:27 am
a preview. is he optimistic, at 4:00 p.m., the deadline he set, will it come together by then. >> chris: the president, basically is out of it and the congressional leaders and republicans and democrats are trying to see if they can work out a deal and boehner presented a plan, yesterday, to the democrats, and would call for a trillion dollars in spending cuts, would increase the debt limit, get us into early next year, while a commission tries to work on bigger issues like tax reform and entitlement reform, and, the democrats say they don't like it, because they don't want any short-term deal and don't want another debt ceiling vote next year in 2012 and so, boehner is saying, if he can't get democratic buy-in, that he may just go it alone and go for the short-term deal and pass it in the house and, dare in effect, dare democrats in the senate and the president, to block a plan, that would avoid the august 2nd deadline. now, there was one other interesting development, we not
7:28 am
only had boehner on, we also had treasury secretary geithner, live on fox news sunday, and people really ought to watch it, it is a very interesting set of interviews, and, geithner raised the possibility of the grand bargain, all over again, the thing that fell apart, and both boehner and obama pointed fingers at each other, friday night and he raised the possibility, go back to the grand bargain, big spending cuts an entitlement reform and boehner agreed to revenue increases, lower tax rates and do away with entitlements, and, some of the loopholes, and, boehner agreed to that, and, then the president demanded another $400 billion, 50% more, and he said, you know, that is still a possibility, and when i asked boehner about that he said i have not taken my last offer off the table and the grand bargain is not dead, and quite frankly, i don't think it is even on life support. >> jamie: i asked byron york about that, too, who is under
7:29 am
more pressure, as a washington-watcher and right there, so involved in do you think the president is to get it done and get it right or speaker boehner who seems to be in the hot seat as well. >> chris: i think they both are. the real danger is that the markets have been saying, we expect a deal, the ratings agencies, especially standard and poors have talked about wanting to see something this weekend, and, you know, boehner went on the record, yesterday and in a conference call that's republicans, talking and you hear it again, about wanting something this afternoon, and, if you get a plan either boehner goes -- goes it alone and presents the plan, that, you know, if it doesn't have any buy in from democrats and they in effect say they will block it and, or there is no plan at all there's a possibility when the markets -- i'm no expert, but when the markets open tonight, monday morning, in asia, and, then really tomorrow, monday, here in the u.s., i think, you know, the real possibility of -- if not a market melt down,
7:30 am
market panic and so i think, that you will see a real effort today, either to get something they can announce, or, if not, i think some of the leader may have to go out and try and calm nervous investors. >> jamie: absolutely, big sell off could definitely be the order of the day on monday. we will watch both of those interviews and be able to understand this whole thing better as it develops throughout the day today. thanks for joining us thank. you can catch more of his exclusive interview with the speaker of the house coming up on fox news sunday and, tim geithner also joining chris, don't miss fox news sunday at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. eastern, here on the fox news channel. >> eric: we'll have more on this subject in the next hour, the newest announced republican presidential candidate will join us, former louisiana governor, buddy romer, wait until you hear his critical take on the budget crisis. meanwhile a weekend car show,
7:31 am
what police now know why i gunman opened fire. and, we'll have important information, protecting the elderly during the brutal summer heat. dr. isadore rosenfeld with that and a lot more, next, on "sunday house call." my cream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo so delicious. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. deliciously rich. flavorful! [ female announcer ] together at last. introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest with sides of lightly sauteed farm-picked vegetables. find more ways to get to the table at
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>> eric: a quick look at headlines we are following for you now. a gunman wounding 12 people at a car show outside of seattle. the shooter remains on the loose. police are investigating whether or not the incident is gang related. pope benedict xvi expressing solidarity with the victims of the attacks in norway. the pontiff calling on the world to, quote, abandon the hate and keep away from the logic of evil. and, at least 93 people are now confirmed dead in that horrible attack. and the you stations will approve programs saying you cannot reach 2 million people in desperate need in somalia, militants refusing them to operate in the country and denying there is a famine and
7:35 am
the u.n. expects more refugees to flee the border into kenya. ♪ >> jamie: and it is time now for "sunday house call," with us, "sunday house call" host, dr. isadore rosenfeld, the rossi distinguished professor of clinical medicine at the wild cornell medical center. good morning, doc. >> good morning. >> jamie: great to see you. i know you have great tips for us today and the first one we wanted to talk about, is the heat wave that we are seeing across our country, like an oven out there, for a lot of you and along with the temperatures, there were really high humidity levels, and it actually has caused serious health problems, especially, among older folks. and, doc we wanted to ask you, not that you are one of those, but... for the people you know who are... >> you didn't show up at my bar mitzvah yesterday. >> jamie: it was too hot, doc. could you tell us what to do about the elderly? we want to check on them.
7:36 am
any specific tips? >> you have to realize that the older brain does not realize, appreciate high temperatures. it also interferes with the perception, old age interferes with the perception of thirst and the need for fluid. so i think, the first thing in the heat wave and so on, is that everybody, but, especially, older people, who have less water in their bodies, than younger people, should stay out of the heat. drink plenty of fluids, to prevent dehydration and that is all i can recommend. air-conditioning. >> jamie: at least a fan. >> eric: the heat can be deceptive and, new recommendations for breast cancer screening, the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists say women over 40 should have a mammogram every
7:37 am
year? a new recommendation. >> the recommendations change every couple of years. the latest one, as you point out, is the recommendation that women at the age of 40 and regularly thereafter, should have screening mammograms. other people who are more interested in the economy and cost and so on, say that they shouldn't start until later in life, later in the late 40s or 50s and have it every two years. i mean, ideally, breast cancer should be identified at its earliest appearance and the best way to do that is to have the screening mammogram every year after the age of 40. breast cancer is a major killer of women and it can be... the threat can be eliminated if the cancer is detected early. probably when it is too small to
7:38 am
feel in the breast, so a woman can't diagnose herself and i think that having a mammogram which is not a painful procedure, and which can identify these cancers, early enough, to be cured, surgically, i think that is a agreed -- good idea. the only objection to that is the cost. >> eric: and is so important. over 40 years old a mammogram once a year. >> jamie: and we learned through the doc that the troubling new study on the impact of brain injuries. researchers have now found that mild injury, even concussions, can raise your chance of developing alzheimer's or dementia, later in life. doc? >> yes, you know, the brain, as you might imagine, is a very sensitive structure. it controls thought, emotion and all these other things that are difficult to determine. now, each part of the brain has
7:39 am
a different function and, i think that there are these brain studies, are very important, if you perceive a difference in attitude, in perception, in understanding. >> eric: while we're talking about alzheimer's, they are saying making simple lifestyle adjustments like quitting smoking, can help prevent the disease. quitting smoking, doctor, could it help prevent alzheimer's? >> you know, we, at least i don't really understand what causes alzheimer's. some people get it relatively early in life, and many people get it later in life. as long as we don't understand the cause of it, it seems to me that the best way to deal with it is to optimize your lifestyle. if you smoke, stop.
7:40 am
if you are overweight, lose weight. if you don't exercise, exercise. if your blood pressure is high, treat it. if your cholesterol is high, treat it. i think the only way to deal with this problem is to optimize all the factors in your lifestyle. and, no smoking, lots of exercise, weight control, diet, these are all things that i think can mip miez the onset of this disease. -- minimize the onset of this disease. >> jamie: we'll look at the dangers from second-hand smoke. the list is getting longer. there is new research that points to side effects that you have to know about. plus, the doc wants you to know that there is a lot of -- are a lot of studies that show breast feeding newborn babies is advantageous and there are new benefits, too, and we'll fill you in. with dr. rosenfeld when we come back. host: could switching to o really save you 15% or more
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♪ >> eric: and we're back with "sunday house call" and your host, dr. isadore rosenfeld. myth or fact, he does it every week and, straightens out misconceptions, statin drugs, that lower cholesterol, there is talk this past week potentially they could -- may be linked to cancer. what is the study about. >> eric, i'm very happy to tell you that i don't know of any study that suggests, even suggests that these drugs raise the risk of cancer. i think they are very important. i think that lowering cholesterol, if abnormally high,
7:45 am
is important to the prevention of heart disease and stroke. and, to the best of my knowledge, these statin drugs, which lower cholesterol, do not increase the risk of cancer. >> jamie: that is comforting, doc but i want to ask you this question. a lot of people take statin drugs and when their cholesterol is normal again they say they don't need to take it anymore. so, do you warn your patients to stay on them, even once their cholesterol is down to a healthy level? >> yes. because the drop in cholesterol is not perfect. if you have a high cholesterol, take one of these drugs and normalize it and if you stop, whatever caused the high cholesterol, in the first place, is still there, and, i think a high cholesterol is a threat. and, if the statin drugs can lower it to normal levels, without causing side effects, sometime, it causes side effects and some people cannot take them but if you are tolerating it
7:46 am
well, cholesterol comes down, stay but. >> eric: you talked about the benefits of statin drugs, many, many times, over the past few years, and so... >> i'm a cardiologist and maybe i focus on cholesterol too much. but, i do know that there is an association between high cholesterol and vascular disease. clots and so on and if you take a statin drug and tolerate it and lower your cholesterol, you are better off than not taking it. >> jamie: good health starts very early and, many mothers and doctors believe breast feeding is best and now there's a study that suggests a breast milk-only diet 6 months or more reduces the chances of a child developing breathing problems. it sounds like new information, doc? >> i guess it is new. but, the breathing problems you refer to, are asthma and, these children who are kept on breast
7:47 am
milk, who are at least 6 months after birth, have a lower risk of asthma related breathing problems, during childhood. >> jamie: good news. >> yes. >> eric: and we've heard of other problems dealing with second-hand smoke, we talked about that, like asthma and, second-hand smoke can be linked now with problems to hearing? there are a lot of problems with second-hand smoke. >> you are absolutely right. the evidence is, that second-hand smoke, a teenager, for example, living in an environment with second-hand smoke, father, mother, who smokes and are exposed to the smoke on a chronic basis, do suffer or have the risk of a hearing loss and what the mechanism is, i don't know. i don't know how the smoke inhalation can affect the hearing. but, there are research and data
7:48 am
showing a kid exposed to second-hand smoke in the home does have hearing loss. or can have hearing loss. and so that is another reason if you are smoking, to stop. >> jamie: you don't need another reason... >> eric: he says constantly, don't smoke and if you can, quit. >> jamie: thank you, doctor. are you concerned about having a stroke? worrying about it could be the worst thing you can do, why researchers say positive thinking helps to keep strokes at bay and the walter reed army medical center, an incredible place, will soon be no more. a look at the history of the iconic facility, that is next. my cream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo
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>> jamie: the walter reed hospital is set to close its doors this week, it has treated patients for more than a century. and among them hundreds of thousands of wounded soldiers as well as presidents and foreign leaders and back in 2005, the government commission decided the facility was showing its age and voted to close it down and a good-bye ceremony will take place, this wednesday. walter reed's operations will be moved to the national naval
7:53 am
medical center, in bethesda, maryland and another nearby hospital. yoit ♪ >> eric: back now with "sunday house call" and your host, dr. isadore rosenfeld and a positive note to end on, a study how to prevent strokes, not about diet or exercise but the power of positive thinking. what about this? >> it is interesting. we never think that our mood and our attitude, optimism, pessimism, has any effect. in my practice of medicine, in the last 250 years... i can tell you that frame of mind has a lot to do with the onset and progression of disease, or put another way, the maintenance of health. and i have found in my experience, that optimism is a
7:54 am
very, very positive and important frame of mind to maintain when you are trying to either prevent disease or control the progress of any disease you have. i don't know the mechanism but there is an effect of attitude, and on the progression and onset of disease and optimism is a very, very important thing to do. just have a positive frame of mind, going through life and you will enjoy life better, and, probably, live longer. >> eric: negative people make positive people sick, you see a negative person, run like the wind. that is the mantra we have here at fox news and it is all about tat attitude. >> jamie: last week the doctor told us great benefits of eating grape fruit, eating one every day for as little as two weeks
7:55 am
improves eyour skin and hair an helps you main in what your weight and we have questions, whether you can take grapefruit and grapefruit juice with all medication and the doctor wants to clarify that now, doc. >> i think you have to talk with your doctor and see what other medications you are taking, because grapefruit juice does interact with other medications, and food that you are taking. it is too long a list for me to go into now. but, if you are taking grapefruit juice and... discuss your other medications with your doctor and it may be that you should either take them 12 hours later, grapefruit juice does not work well with every medication. >> eric: still ahead, the doctor will tell us his healthy monday tip. one tip to help start off the week, correctly. new details are coming out, in
7:56 am
washington on the battle over raising the debt ceiling. five hours before the deal deadline, 4:00 p.m. eastern, the clock is ticking, we'll update you on where both sides currently stand and a new video is coming out of a rescue in china. a child, found alive in the wreckage of a high speed train collision, we'll have details on that, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] this is larry... whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to s in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping. aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's never been easier to get
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>> eric: back now with sunday haas cowl and your host, dr. isadore rosenfeld, every sunday at this time gives us a healthy monday tip, to get our week off right and this week, the doctor has an advice about people who take low-dose aspirin every day and you have long said that that is a great thing to do? >> most of us associate aspirin with pain control. i grew up with -- believing if i had a headache or something, i would take a couple of aspirin and in the last few years, aspirin has become associated, people appreciate that aspirin has anti-clogging properties and people who have had a stroke or heart attack, are advised to continue to take their aspirin, unless they have a bleeding problem, something else. and, my advice to you is this: if you have had some kind of vascular problem, stroke, heart
8:01 am
attack, angina, and you are on aspirin, do not stop it abruptly, unless you have bleeding problems. and, once you start taking aspirin, on a maintenance dose you should continue it. stopping it can cause problems. >> jamie: doctor, thank you, great advice and so good to see you especially with your positive attitude. we know it makes you healthier. >> eric: see you next sunday. into thank you. >> eric: we start a new hour with a "fox news alert." time is now running out to reach a debt deal, five hours to go and counting and the stakes are high. capitol hill on a sunday, well, is normally a sleepy place on summer weekends but today, is expected to be running on high gear. congressional leaders trying to hammer out some form of an agreement, before the opening of the asian stock market, later today. house speaker john boehner set a 4:00 p.m. eastern time deadline. to announce a settlement, but now there are big concerns the
8:02 am
markets could plunge overseas, if no deal is reached by then. good morning, i'm eric sean. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, good to have you here. busy hour ahead, it is a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. both sides of the debt debate are doing a lot of 0 of talking and so far, no agreement, not one in sight and the markets are waiting and are worried. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest. peter, when will the speaker of the house officially lay out the plan that he has in mind? >> reporter: jamie, we don't know a specific time but heechdz this morning it should come by the end of the day and there will be a g.o.p. conference call at 4:30 p.m. and what the speaker is trying to do, right now, is find a doable amount of common ground between the two parties, but if he can't do that he will pull the trigger. >> i would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve the problem. if that is not possible, i and my republican colleagues in the house are prepared to move on their own. >> chris: today? >> today.
8:03 am
>> reporter: the speaker also said it's not physically possible to do everything that needs to be done with one step and it will be a two-step deal and he insisted he'll keep working within the framework of the cut, cap and balance act, though it died in necessity, and he made clear he does not want to default and what he wants, he says is the best thing for the country and is prepared to do whatever he feels that is, even if it gives republicans in the house heartburn. jamie? >> jamie: we know that chris wallace on fox news sunday has the speaker and, it is an exclusive and we haven't heard as much about what the white house is saying, about the likelihood of the deal, today, are you hearing anything there? from the administration? >> we are, the president, chief of staff, bill daly said the president will not sign anything that only leads to a temporary increase in the debt limit, and he's not going to do that and, also said there will be a few stressful days ahead with the marks but that something will get done and, on fox news sunday the treasury secretary, tim geithner was here and he said revenues must be raised or else millions of people will be
8:04 am
dramatically affected and here's his comment about the negotiations: >> demonstrated in their plan, and i give them credit for this, if you try to balance our budget, without revenues, without tax reform to raise revenues you are forced to put in place exceptionally harsh cuts. >> reporter: and for what it is worth, jamie, he repeatedly said he thinks the economy is strengthening and getting better. >> jamie: peter doocy live in washington, following the developments of the day, peter, thank you so much. >> eric: the stalemate over the debt talks getting closer and closer to the moment of truth and the white house and congress seem to agree allowing the government to default is certainly not an option. and, the finger pointing and harsh words keep coming without a deal and what will it take to stop the bickering and come 0 to an agreement, a former spokesman
8:05 am
for the house republican congress and, a democratic consultant, gretchen, let's start with you. who do you think will blink. >> i don't think the house republicans will blink, they set forth a real plan and speaker john boehner's the speaker will lay it out further later today and this is doable and we are way past the time, where you can get a grand bargain. we have to go with what is doable before the asian markets open later today. >> eric: what if the president doesn't accept that. >> i don't think the president or senate or anyone else needs reject the plan and the clock is ticking and the bottom of the 9th, we can't afford it. hold tight, listen to a plan before you judge. >> eric: what could you think he'll propose. >> that two-step process with a shorts extension oration of the debt ceiling and another raising of the debt ceiling, come later this year, once they have more cash and other things, from a bipartisan, bi-camera committee. >> eric: do you think mr. baner
8:06 am
will get a take it or leave it from the president. >> they are playing chicken, threatening to throw off the economy off the cliff, to protect the sweetheart deal for corporate ceos and tax cuts for the rich and it's not acceptable and is reckless and president obama needs to move quickly to call the g.o.p.'s bluff and needs to move past the debt ceiling debate and put americans back to work and rebuild the great american middle class. >> eric: before that we have the clock, we have 6 hours, five hours to go, five-and-a-half hours to go before we talk about that. and this nation could be in default, and then, everything goes down the tubes. >> that is not about markets. this is about america. and, speaker boehner is acting recklessly, just to keep on eye on the uptick and down tick of international markets and should be focused on finding solutions for the american people, period. instead of looking for ways to make corporate campaigns and jet-owning contributors happy, and should be focusing on what the american people need, right now and the american people need
8:07 am
us to move past the debt debate and focus on jobs. >> eric: wow, a look of disbelief on your face! >> this is about the american people, they need a strong economy and need to be put back to work and we have 28 states that have raised -- seen a rise in unemployment this past friday, and, this is about the american people and about the future of the nation, and those markets... >> no one in the country wants the default crisis except for republican politicians in washington. >> and they are the ones who... >> 70% of -- >> eric: do you think the republicans want to us default. >> i think 70% of republican voters throughout america say they agree there should be a mixture of tax cuts -- increases and spending cuts. in order to solve the problem. the federal reserve, international credit agencies have warned of an economic catastrophe if we don't do anything to stop the crisis but republican politician in washington are not listening and chamber of summers said stop fooling around with the economy and the republican politician in
8:08 am
washington are just not listening and what will it take for them to listen? everybody else gets it? >> eric: what is the answer. >> pass the deal that extends beyond 2012 and stop playing gapes with our economy leading up to an election which is obviously what republicans in washington think that this will do, it will work out for them, they think at the end of the day in the election and they are, frankly wrong. >> eric: gretchen, last word. >> two things for you. if they were playing with the economy, they wouldn't be putting forth a plan and the democrats and white house have yet to put forth a plan and the republicans are the only ones who led and, also, the credit bureaus said despite whether we raise it or not, if we don't show any plan, to cut spending it can -- constrain spending they'll go ahead and down grade us, and either way, we run a risk of being downgraded. >> eric: that is where we stand now, and there is no deal, no set plan, the future is in in the balance, we'll see what happens, less than five hours
8:09 am
from now. >> thank you. >> eric: thank you. >> jamie: "fox news alert." new and disturbing details merging in the horrific terror attacks in norway. norwegian police are combing over a 1500 page manifesto and they say it was published on-line by the suspected gunman, andres behring brevik, who just hours before the massacre, in it, detailing meticulous steps to prepare and greg burke joins us from norway. the story is developing by the hour, do they thank he's a lone assailant here. >> reporter: apparently yes, and if so he'll be in the record books for the wrong reece, it looks like in terms of the number dead, edging towards 100 it could be a record for one person acting alone in such a massacre, actually a twin massacre in this case, we'll have to see, but if you are into
8:10 am
criminal profiling, you'll be working overtime, every day brings more mystery and information about andres behring brevik and people looking for hints in a youtube video, in which he goes after cultural marxism, he calls it and the rise of islam in europe, and, clearly a very troubled mind and angry one. and, now, this morning in0s lower, a mass of grief and hope, at the lutheran cathedral, not normally a lot of church goers in oslo and today it was different as nanother -- anothe weani weaningians -- norwegians, trying to cope and there was a story of someone who was trying to get away, swimming, and, had his boots on and, ended up gotting shot by the killer and described the suspect as one who
8:11 am
is methodical as he went by killing people, one by one, not wasting any ammunition and, an interesting thing, a lot of contradictions here. we have heard he confessed to police and yet, he'll appear in court tomorrow and we hear he's not going to plead not guilty. how do you describe that? his lawyer says he accepts responsibility for what was materially done but doesn't consider that a criminal act. jamie. >> jamie: unbelievable. we'll watch it as it continues to unfold. greg burke, thank you so much. this tragedy remind us all that terrorism can take many forms. from muslim radicals, to domestic political extremists, like timothy mcveigh on our shores. hour do we fight this form of terrorism? joining us now, former cia officer mike baker and, president of the security firm, dill jens -- diligence, llc.
8:12 am
>> we don't know what was in the mind of the suspect, but he wrote a 1500 page manifesto and, he said he did it but, it wasn't something wrong and some post were on-line, on youtube, and social media sites and i want to ask you, how can we better monitor those to potentially stop these threats before they become an act that is unbelievable? >> well, it is a key to, you know, the ability to be able to stop these sort of lone wolf attacks which we have known a long time are probably the most difficult attacks, events to prevent, and, certainly, to spot ahead of time, and, you referred to the manifesto and some of the youtube postings and reportedly the manifesto was put on-line by him, just a few hours before the attack began. so, very, very little time to pick up on heis rantings...
8:13 am
>> jamie: is that an excuse? shouldn't there be monitoring, certain words, with jihad, aren't there key words that send them an alert, you can get if you put some words in and say, let me no if it shows up? >> yes, but you have to think about the sheer volume of information that exists out there. you know, not just on the internet but a variety of mediums and you think about how do you respond to that, and, of course, they do, they have mechanisms set up and there is constant monitoring that goes on and the unfortunate reality is we don't live in a risk-free world and, in the world of counterterrorism, it is just known, you are not going to prevent every attack and do you the best you can, and, you learn from events like this, and you see, is there something else we can be doing and, they are constantly looking for the means and methods and technology that will allow for that. but, you will never reduce the risk down to zero. it is not going to happen. >> jamie: from what we hear
8:14 am
there was a fertilizer salesperson, that actually reported that he bought tons of fertilizer and we know that timothy mcveigh, that was something that had he had used and timothy mcveigh is actually mentioned in some of the writings of this, and does it sounds like it has the makings of a lone, i guess he is a terrorist in a way, a suspected terrorist. or do you think as police have said, they are still looking to see if someone else is involved or, and i hate to ask a compound question but the new knight templar is a group mentioned that he possibly was associated with, and do you know anything about them and their connection to this? >> well, yes. and, all of those questions are obviously part of the ongoing investigations. but, in the sense we know that, you know, he has, according to his own words, attended a meeting in europe, i believe it was in 2002 or 2003, of what he
8:15 am
referred to as a new knight templar, a reference to an old crusader group and whether he was latching onto anti-muslim, anti-immigration, far right wing theories to feed his delusion an rage, or whether he latched onto another reason for that, you know, luke at the comparisons between him an mcveigh and yes, there are certain similarities, and you talk about the purchase of the fertilizer, and he registered a farm... there was lodge. >> to what he was doing and as awful and horrific as it was you can see the methodical way he did it, he registered a farm which allowed him to purchase 6 metric tons of the fertilizer, which was used also by mcveigh in the oklahoma bombing and that was reported and i'm not clear yet on whether the supply store that sold the fertilizer reported the purchase before or after the events. but you points to an issue here, when you talk about trying to
8:16 am
monitor the events of an individual or handful of people who are not part of an organized group, on the radar screen of the authority, then you have to have certain controls in place and one thing that you do, is you set controls over controlled substances such as ammonium nitrate and that is an important tool as up poipointed out, the monitoring of the internet is an important tool. >> jamie: the change should be put into place in the u.s. and abroad and 21 years in prison is all he gets under the law if convicted. in cell with this loss of life, mike a bigger, interesting to talk to you about topics like this, tragic events unfolding there. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> jamie: eric. >> eric: video from the scene of a high speed train collision and dramatic rescue of one of the youngest survivors, who was only four years old. >> jamie: the summer maybe of planning -- maybe you are planning on a trip, booking tickets, should you pay extra for travel insurance? in today's take-charge consumer
8:17 am
protection segment we'll tell you whether it is worth the price. >> eric: the newest member of the republican presidential field will joins us straight ahead. he officially announced last week and man he's unloading on the politicians in washington. and, brands the current debt battle a circus, what buddy roemer has to say. my cream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo so delicious. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. deliciously rich. flavorful! [ female announcer ] together at last. introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest with sides of lightly sauteed farm-picked vegetables. find more ways to get to the table at
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8:21 am
the disaster in china, rescuers pulled a four-year-old china from the wreckage of a high speed train collision, at least 35 were killed when the bullet train slammed into a stalled train on the bridge and, raising the questions of the safety about china's fast-growing rail system. >> jamie: booking a trip? what if your plans change or your trip is less affordable? in the current economy there, are lots of folks, more of them, in fact, who are facing the issue. we have higher unemployment and, skyrocketing travel costs. so in today's take charge consumer protection segment we wanted to take a look at travel
8:22 am
insurance, a $1.6 billion a year industry, and, we want to know how to avoid buying a policy that in the end will not reimburse you, just when you need it. joining me is director of the consumer travel alliance, charlie, great to see you. >> good to see you, jamie. >> jamie: they always offer you the travel insurance, your travel agent will, offered on-line and now, even from some airlines and the question is whether it's worth the price and i'm curious, whether your home owners policy or credit card will cover you, enough, that you shouldn't waste your time and buy it? >> i think that is a really important point. no one insurance you have, you already have automobile insurance which covers you if you are driving overseas, as long as you let your insurance companies know, and, ask them about it, though and you have medical insurance that in many cases cover you overseas and sometimes you have to pay up front and ask for reimbursement later on, and, you have homeowners policies, which cover you from theft. and, you have credit card kind
8:23 am
of insurance which sometimes does extraordinary things and will send someone to spend time with you in the hospital if you are overseas and, there are things you already have and scammers play on selling you what you have, because they never have to pay out, they are the secondary source of payment. >> jamie: that is interesting like a medical insurer, you collect on homeowners you cannot collect on the extra policy you bought? >> exactly. and, even on -- what they call some of the excess baggage damage insurance, first you have to wait for the airlines to pay you what they owe you, several thousand dollars and, then, everything above that might be covered by your baggage insurance and, very few people are carrying that much in their luggage, and so the insurance company, though they collect your money, end up not having to pay you very much money at all. >> jamie: you mentioned about getting sick. preexisting medical conditions, are they excluded under travel insurance? is worth it buying if you know you might get sick with
8:24 am
something you already have? >> well, this brings us back to a really basic. read the policy. because, when you read the policy, you start to find out exactly what is covered. and, when you mentioned preexisting coverage, and preexisting insurance conditions, are medical conditions, you have to be aware of what is happening to you, personally, but, also, to friends of yours, like, let's say your mother gets sir and you can't go because your mother was sick but it was a preexisting condition. here preexisting condition violates the preexisting condition contract in most insurance policies and if you read carefully, and if you have any questions, most good insurance policies have an 800 number that you can call, and they will answer your questions. >> jamie: if they give you a straight answer. they want to sell you the insurance and the question -- are there places to go to see whether or not the company you are dealing with is really under written, they have the money to pay out, besides all of the red tape and the paperwork, i know you have to go through. >> well, there are some places
8:25 am
that you can go, am-vest is a a -- not regulators but, if they are listed you know they are a real company and one of the problems with insurance, is insurance is regulated on the state by state basis. we in the consumer travel alliance had a conference call with 38 state insurance commissioners, to try to talk about these problems with scams and, the problem is you are dealing with 50 entities and makes it hard to come up with a national policy. >> jamie: great advice, read the policy, everyone should start there, thanks for raising, at least our alert on some of the issues that can come up. good to see you. >> thanks a lot, take care. >> jamie: if you want to check out more of our take-charge consumer protection segment seen on this show go to and click on the america's news hq page and look for the take-charge link. >> jamie: the republican presidential field has grown by
8:26 am
one. former louisiana governor buddy roemer is now officially in the race and is pulling no punches already and joins us next. to explain the stunning comments on the budget crisis and what he'd do, to fix it. and what happened inside the home of a pharmaceutical tycoon's mansion? his girlfriend found hanging from the balcony, days later his young son died while falling done a flight of stairs. new disturbing details of the investigation, and we'll have that, coming up. hey can i play with the toys ? sure, but let get a little information first. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do.
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>> eric: called politicians dealing with the debt crisis clowns and said what is happening in our nation's capitol right now is's sir. and he's the newest republican presidential candidate, to jump into the race, and he did it just that past week, and, buddy roemer, former louisiana governor and congressman, who says federal spending and the amount of america's debt
8:30 am
threatens our way of life, and he joins us now. from new hampshire. governor, good morning and welcome to fox news channel. >> thanks, eric, thanks for having me. >> eric: some would say, it sounds harsh to call politicians clowns, but, clearly we're on the edge. >> well, it is a circus. a circus, eric, and, this circus is run by the clowns, and, it's not run by management. the president has no leadership and has done nothing to propose a solution. that is what i meant. i wasn't talking personally. i was talking about the atmosphere. a circus run by the clowns, where is the president? >> eric: how about is the republican leads -- how about the republican leadership and democrats and republicans in the senate and the house coming together and trying to get a deal. >> i like they are at least trying but it is real simple. we spend $300 billion a month and borrow 120 billion of that, and, time geithner is talking
8:31 am
about having a deal by 6:00 tonight, so the asian stock market won't be upset. who gives a damn about that? we're worried about jobs in america, and worried about living on our means and being strong again and i'm telling you, the hogs are at the trough and it is a circus run by the clowns. >> eric: if the asian stock market plunges, it could pull the rug out of the economy. aren't you concerned about that? >> absolutely. two points. one is, the stock market has been up and down like a roller coaster. last time i looked it is at 12,500 on the dow and that is what it was ten years ago, and hadn't done a thing. look, the economy is doing nothing, eric, think about it with me. we have a million fewer jobs than we did 12 years ago and are giving our best jobs overseas and, are giving them away and give companies tax credits for building plants overseas, and, leaving america.
8:32 am
this is stupid. we needed to grow jobs, wise up and change the tax code to reward companies for building here and need to help small business, eric. they create 2 out of 3 new jobs and are not in the asian stock market. they are in america. and that is why mean. >> eric: we are facing 4, 5 hours or so, trying to get an agreement and you proposed something that goes beyond that. you want to cut 1% of the federal budget every year? >> we have about a five-year plan, cut 1% a year, that is 1% of gdp, i'll give you a number. that is 140 billion dollars. what does that mean? you could cut all energy subsidies and we subsidize the build big oil companies an oil is $100 a barrel, how stupid can you be, i'd cut the ethanol and natural gas subsidies and subsidies on unproven energy technology and close down the
8:33 am
department of energy. that is $141 billion and we would be on our way. this can be done but it can't be done politically, it has to be done with america's best interest in mind. jobs is the issue. and we have to stop overspending. by the way, i only take $100, that is my maximum gift, eric and you know i'm the only guy doing it. $100. no pac money, the next president needs to be free and these guys are owned by the special interest. get on my web site, let me say this serving go ahead. >> we can make this country strong again, eric but we have to -- >> eric: there's the plug, but realistically you have all the power structures in washington, with -- facing potential default in a few hours from now and don't have an agreement yet and americans want an answer, and
8:34 am
want something done and don't want to face this. you know, what is going to happen? >> well, it is a contrived mess, eric. look, i'm the only guy running who has been a congressman and a governor and the only guy running who built the bank the next -- last 20 years and took no federal bailout money. it can be done and i know how. you have to lead, you have to be honest, and you are telling me the democrats can't find anything to cuts in a budget? a budget that is filled with fraud, abuse, mismanagement? i told you today, we could cuts the entire department of energy and all subsidies and we have our 1%, $140 billion, and, the stock market would skyrocket, and the world could say, amen! it can be done. raising taxes is not the answer in the middle of a recession. yes. it is still a series. we are losing jobs every day. >> eric: proposals from present den candida detention candidate, buddy
8:35 am
roemer, who is coming from new hampshire and you will be moving... >> i moved last friday and this is my 9th or 10th day in new hampshire. i love it. i'm going to a picnic in massachusetts, this afternoon, but a town hall meeting, in new hampshire tonight. >> eric: thanks for joining us and we will follow the campaign, and you are way down the polls an announced last week... >> i'm starting eric. we can do this. >> eric: thanks for joining us this morning. former louisiana governor, buddy roemer. >> jamie: new developments in the mysterious death at a millionaire's mansion, we have forensic evidence and it could be the key y to solving two bizarre deaths in san diego and investigators are sifting through clues from this house where the body of a pharmaceutical tycoon's girlfriend was found hanging from a balcony and six days later his son died from falling down a flight of stairs, casey steegel is following the developments. is the owner a suspect?
8:36 am
>> reporter: he is not a suspect. in fact police are not even naming him a person of interest. but, investigators are looking into his story. according to some new reports. we're talking about the 54-year-old, who is the pharmaceutical tycoon you speak of, who purchased that mansion back in 2007. all along, he has told investigators that he was not home when the body of his girlfriend was discovered. back on july 13th. he said he was visiting his son, max. who was in the hospital at the time being treated for injuries he sustained two days earlier for falling down the stairs. well, now, radar on-line is reporting that police are trying to track down surveillance video from the children's hospital to verify that story, and, to physically place him at the hospital. jonah's brother was the one who discovered the body of rebecca, the 32-year-old girlfriend, who
8:37 am
was found naked, hanging from a balcony with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound. really, a bizarre story, jamie, that has had all kinds of twists and turns in the reporting of the last week-and-a-half or so. >> jamie: and, i her forensic folks, talk about with the hands and feet bound, probably would not be a suicide but have they ruled that out? >> they have not ruled that out yet, an autopsy has been done but an official cause of death has not been determined. and, here's why: they have to wait on those toxicology reports, to see if there were any types of chemicals or substances found in the tissues or the blood, we understand that it can take up to 6 weeks in fact for those toxicology results to come in and in the meantime, investigators have filed multiple search warrants for the mansion, because, obviously, two deaths in a one-week period is a
8:38 am
bit odd. especially with the circumstances surrounding not one death, and authorities have not released any information as to whether anything has -- suspicious has been found. in the meantime, jonah has reportedly returned back to arizona, he's left the san diego area, his pharmaceutical company based out of scottsdale, arizona, which is near phoenix. jamie. >> jamie: casey steegel, thanks. >> eric: and there's a major new development unfolding now in afghanistan. nato troops handing over more security to the afghan military, than ever before. are they now ready to protect themselves? four star general jack keane, just back from afghanistan, and the war zone, fills us in, next. . but actually, it's never been easier to get the whole grain you want from your favorite big g cereals. from cheerios to lucky charms, there's whole grain in every box. make sure to look for the white check.
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8:41 am
>> jamie: let's talk about a new milestone in afghanistan today,
8:42 am
nato troops handing over security to afghanistan national security forces in kabul and violence is still raging in the country and we're just learning of a major gunbattle that left 80 militants dead, are afghan forces really ready to take the lead? here now, fox news military analyst who just returned from 12 days in afghanistan, retired army four star general, jack keane. general, hi, how are you? >> nice to see you, jamie. >> jamie: welcome back, what did you learn? what do you think? how optimistic are you afghan forces are ready to take the lead? >> i spent a lot of time on this and the afghan security forces and particularly the army are making significant process in terms of the quality of their performance, but, numbers truly make a difference. and, they are going, the entire security force is going to 352,000 and that will make a difference. we have handed the taliban a tactical defeat in the south, as
8:43 am
significant as what we have done in 2001 when we first went into the country and very, very dramatic and the challenge we have is this president's decision to scale the forces down so significantly, by september of next year, puts that -- those gains at risk, and, also, puts at risk what we are trying to do in the east, next year between kabul and the pakistani border. >> jamie: sounds like the way you are describing it, we are on track. >> we're on track but i'm concerned, the forces coming up so quickly will put the mission at risk and remains to be seen whether we can accomplish the mission, and i don't like saying it but that is the truth. >> jamie: what about leadership? i have read reports and you can certainly tell me, whether it's is true or not, that hamid karzai is really not in control. we have seen a family member of his and also some people in the
8:44 am
administration, there, be assassinated. >> look, karzai is what he is. i mean, there's a central government in afghanistan but it is a power broker, patron agent system, he shares power throughout the country. officially and unofficially. and, certainly, his brother in the south in kandahar was one of those unofficial power brokers that he shared power with. we had an election coming in 2014. and we have a new ambassador going into the country, right now, our best diplomats, in the foreign service, who is coming out of retirement, ryan crocker. who work with dave petraeus, in iraq and helped to turn the country around. i am very encouraged by what i believe he will be able to achieve in moving the political situation to a favorable outcome in the sense we'll have a far and open election and bring in a new government that is at least incrementally better than the
8:45 am
one we have. >> jamie: seems like the timing is good for that. this president and this administration, have they been clear enough on the mission at this stage in afghanistan? for our brave men and women who are there, serving us every day? >> that is a great, great question. and my frustration is this: by taking the number of forces out, as quickly as they are taking them out, what that truly does not troops that remain, is, asking them to do more with less. and, frankly, we don't want to talk about that, but the truth is, that will drive our casualties up. because, we will have less troops on the ground, trying to accomplish the same mission, that they need to do with more. and that is my fundamental frustration. >> jamie: i hope they'll take a good look at the assessment you have brought back with your keen eyes, general jack keane, you know the region so well, thanks for talking to us today.
8:46 am
>> good talking to you, jamie. take care. >> eric: starting a business can be pretty intimidating. but one mother did not give up on her dream, opening a school. she let a franchise lead her to success. her inspiring story is next. my cream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo
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>> eric: a struggle economy, a would-be entrepreneur would be hesitant to take a big leap but some finds success any franchise. elizabeth prann joins us from atlanta. >> reporter: hi, eric, experts expect 2011 to be a great year for franchisees who want to start their own business but are looking for a trusted model already in place and we met an atlanta mother who did that, cindy, who actually has an engineering degree and an mba and always wanted to open up her own school and found a business model that filled many of the questions and the gaps that she had, and opened up a goddard school franchise and there are 370 of these early education programs, across the nation. >> i'm looking for a system in place, that makes sure that, you know, it manages the standards
8:51 am
across the board, the quality of education, they are providing, the safety of the children, and all the mechanisms in place, that helps me. and i know that what i'm doing is something the franchise is supporting me with. >> reporter: within the first year, the school named that's number one child care franchise in the u.s. by entrepreneur magazine and one local marketing expert who we spoke with said the school is so successful, partly due to her background and the strengthening economy and when the economy tanks, it weeded out the weaker business owners. >> the economy tanking forced franchisees to be stronger because they are seeing their legacy franchisees, fall out of the system, three years prior they were not making sure they had enough money and the ones who had it and built up the millions of dollars in equities, or, financial support to support that fall were falling off of the system.
8:52 am
>> reporter: she has 100 students and expects to be at full capacity, by the fall. eric, back to you. >> eric: great, good luck to her, thanks, elizabeth. jamie. >> jamie: a new proposal for a government-run news service for the world. good idea? we take it on. [ male announcer ] walls can talk. but it's our job to make them say sothing interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done
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>> there is a new proposal out for the government to start and fund a new news agency called the american world service. this on top of npr and pbs.
8:56 am
good idea? liz is an author of journalist and fox news contributor who joins us every sunday at this time with a commentary. good morning liz. >> good morning, eric. this is about bowl jerry running amuck again. lee bollinger, the drastic call leftist academic who heads columbia university who was the same man who in 2007 i brought you invitation and the person of mahmoud ahmadinejad, the president of iran. and, of course, known to everybody as a great hater of jews. so he invites him to columbia university, which caused an uproar, high jewish population of students at columbia university but, nevertheless, he was getting press sod bowl jerry proceeded and then once he got him there he insulted him which even made better copy for him. so bollinger is not shy about seeking publicity. now, his latest try is about
8:57 am
getting a sort of b.b.c. for american. a totally government-funded news service for america. bad idea. he says it's a good idea. let me give you an example. he wrote about this in the columbia journalism review, which is like the house organ and here is what he said about his proposal. he said i propose something new, an american world service, a media institution with sufficient funding to bring the highest quality american jimple to the global filibuster forum. it is, of course, absolutely necessary that editorial autonomy for such enemy be secured it is worth refamily sizing that both npr and pbs have achieved a status of highly respected journalism as had the bbc, while using state funding. experience demonstrates it's possible to maintain such
8:58 am
autonomy and independence with state funding. the biggest problem with mr. bollinger's assessment is that, know, it is not possible to maintain editorial autonomy. it's been proven time and time in the last year. with the classical leftist reporting of npr and pbs. we don't have time to review here all the times they were caught in stings in which they were deliciously courting the left and passing it off as journalism. wouldn't you agree, eric? >> eric: he says, i read the article. here in the u.s. we do not really have the capacity for high quality professional journalism on a global scale. i read that and i'm like what is he talking about? >> exactly. >> eric: we have voice of america, government run and government europe and cuba. he calls that international propaganda vs. whatever it is he
8:59 am
proposes. >> everything left over from the cold war, voice of america. radio free europe, any of those things, in his view is that was just there to fight communism. so what we should put in its place, get rid of those, and then we have the government fund -- more funding to pbs and to npr, and then more funding for a bigger entity, the american experience, the american broadcasting. >> eric: very quickly, some would support him and saying it's as good idea to get as much journalism around the world as you could. >> it is never a good idea to get the government involved in just about anything. especially. >> they do protect us. >> when it comes to funds journalism. i know the government supports the air, this is a really bad idea. >> liz with her stringent commentary that she always gives us every sunday. liz? >> thank you. >> eric: see you next sunday that does it for usn


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